The birth of HBCYOU started in August 1984 when I, Steve Graham, stepped foot on Southern University in Baton Rouge’s campus! I was granted the opportunity to bump shoulders with students from all over the globe. Something I had never been exposed to before! 

No HBCU experience is complete without attending Saturday evening football games. And let’s not forget the beautiful cheerleaders and the funky rhythmic sounds of the Human Jukebox playing one of your favorite songs, which had you singing at the top of your lungs! 

After leaving college and entering the workforce, obstacles and challenges began to arrive. Fortunately, the HBCU experience prepared me for many scenarios that presented themselves, then and now! 

HBCYOU believes that it is crucial to recognize the significance of attending an HBCYou. We want to spark interest and bring attention back to the schools built off of the culture. Remember, HBCYOU is more than an acronym; IT’S A CULTURE